The admission entitles the member to use of the Hanse Lounge premises and facilities and of those of cooperating partners (to the conditions agreed with the Hanse Lounge), as well as to attend events arranged by the Hanse Lounge.

Members are allowed to bring guests with them to the premises and agree to observe club rules.

Membership is non transferable.

Persons wishing to become a member of the Hanse Lounge, must be proposed by two existing members, who have had a membership for at least one year. The members need to confirm the proposal with their signature and a letter of recommendation.

The proposal must be filed in writing with the name, profession and address of the nominee. A decision will be made by the advisory board and in the case of a positive outcome, the membership contact is concluded. In the event of admission, the admission and annual subscription fees become due instantly.

Our advisory board oversees the application of new members to ensure a homorganic social order. We are pleased to have the following ladies and gentlemen as members of the board: Mr. Albert Darboven, Mr. John Jahr, Mr. Bert A. Kaufmann, Mr. Gunter Persiehl, Nikolaus Hans Schües, Prof. Peter Tamm (†), Mr. Ingo Peters, Mr. Hadi Teherani and Mrs. Kim Eva Wempe, etc.

In September 2008 the advisory board agreed on an admission stop, new candidates will be waitlisted. The waiting list will be dealt with according to receipt of application.